Privacy Policy


You’ve followed the link here to read my Privacy Policy and as you read it, I hope to explain the sort of information I may have about you and what I do with that information.

The condensed version (if you’re short of time!) is that I only record the data you give me to allow me to do my work – to respond to your enquiries, provide quotes and, if we were going to work together, turn up at our shoot and provide you with your images! I look after your data exactly like I would like my own data looked after – your details will not be sold to a third party, you won’t be added to my mailing list unless you’ve said yes to that and I won’t publicly share your images unless you’ve said that’s okay.

If you’ve a bit of spare time, the longer Privacy Policy (and what I’m required to include in a proper one!) is this …


The sort of the information I may have about you and what I do with that information all comes down to the type of relationship we have.

  • You’re doing a bit of web browsing to find out about me and my work.

You may have met me, you may have heard about me, you may have had someone recommend me (thank you to whoever that may be!), or you may have even found me through Google.

For what ever reason, you’re here and are now having a browse through to see the type of photography I do – and perhaps see whether or not you think we could do some work together in the future.

Like many other websites,, uses cookies to log the visitors to my site. 

Some of the information gathered may include the device type you’re using, how you found my site, what browser you’re on, your operating system and geographical location. However this is all recorded as aggregated data and not as a unique record. The only personal information that is collected is the IP of the device you’re using to browse my site, with a date and time stamp of the pages you’ve visited.

You can of course disable cookies through your individual browser options at any time. And if you choose do this, your experience of my site will not be affected in any way. 

  • You want to keep in touch with what I’m up to, by signing up to my newsletter.

I send out an occasional newsletter to people that are interested in keeping in touch with me.

I may share some of my latest shoots, news and sometimes hints and tips along with the odd offer.

Usually people say their newsletters are regular – however it is more like to be an irregular and infrequent one from me – though I usually do send an e-Christmas card and my yearly Top 10 in January!

You will only be added to my newsletter list if you’ve consented to this by either signing up through one of my sign up forms or you have given me written consent to do so – and the only information you need to provide is your name and email address.

And of course if you decide you’re no longer interested in keeping in touch, you can unsubscribe at any time.

  • You’re interested in finding out a bit more about working with me.

You may have been in touch with me by email, phone or in person, however you like the look of my imagery and are now interested in finding out some more detail about how we could perhaps work together and maybe even get a quote from me.

To do this, I will use the information you provide me to follow up on your enquiry, to think about and suggest the type of shoot and package that might suit your needs best and if relevant, provide you with a quote. The sort of information that I may record will be name, company name, contact details and any other relevant information that you choose to share with me.

As I mention above, you will only be added to my newsletter list if you’ve consented to this by either signing up through one of my sign up forms or you have given me written consent to do so. 

  • You like my work, my quote fits with your budget and we’re going to create some imagery together!

Yay – thank you! Sure we will have lots of fun doing this!

I’ll already have the information that you provided at quote stage. Though I may need any gaps filled so I can make sure our shoot together runs smoothly – I want to make sure I turn up at the right place or indeed have alternative contact details should I be delayed. Again all the information will be provided by yourself.

And then at the end of the shoot I will have course have the images that you’ve commissioned. These, depending on the brief, may or may not include pictures of yourself and other involved parties.

I will share with you the images included within your quote via a secure cloud based sharing platform and will back them up in several locations (physical hard-drives and cloud based solutions) for your peace of mind.

I however will only publicly share your images on my website, blogs or social media platforms if you consent to this.

And as I mention above, you will only be added to my newsletter list if you’ve consented to this by either signing up through one of my sign up forms or you have given me written consent to do so.


So that’s the type of information I may have about you and how I may use it depending on the nature of our relationship.


You may now have a few questions about the security of any data you give me or whether indeed it will be transferred to any one else.

  • Data Security

On the data security question, I have taken all possible steps I can to ensure the data you provide me with is securely held including enabling all extra security measures, like two factor authentication, where they are available.

  • Data Transfer to a Third Party

And if I have to transfer your data to a third party to allow any of processes I’ve described above, I have ensured that all my service/software suppliers are GDPR compliant. And if they are outside of the EEA, they are signed up to the US Privacy Shield agreement. I absolutely do not give your data to anyone that is not necessary for me to carry out the above business processes and I certainly do not sell it on.

Some Third Party examples might be Mailchimp (for sending out my newsletters – but only if you’ve agreed to be added to my list!), Lightblue (my CRM, workflow and accounting software without which I couldn’t do a thing!), Dropbox (for sharing your images with you), Squarespace (my website provider), Vidahost (the host for the montage/album pages I send you after your shoot), Backblaze (my cloud based backup provider), Loxley (my printer if you’re having printed products) and my social media accounts (if you’ve said I can publically share your images).


If you have any questions about my Privacy Statement, the data I hold about you, or would like your data deleted (providing there is no lawful reason for me to continue to keep it), please do get in touch with me, Jenny Stewart from Jenny Stewart | Photographs Real Life at and I’ll be pleased to help.