My 2016 Top 10!

Given I've just done my Top 10 client images from last year, how about my Top 10 of my own work? Though goodness it was super hard - just like the client ones - to get to 10 only!!! I'm just very glad I only decide on a Top 10 and not an order within that!!!

So here we go.

First up, my boys on very chilly, and very late!, February walk.

Then taking advantage of a fridge full of cheese, a bit of "play" in March.

Then the prince and the pea!!! Five beds no less Dougal!!!

Somewhere I've wanted to visit since they first opened - the magnificent Kelpies in the May sunshine - quite wonderful.

My gorgeous niece Charlotte before her prom was next - I don't think I've ever had so many expressions in one short session with someone!!!

And then the infamous worm wiggle in the July sunshine from a regular visitor to ours, Sizzles!!! And whilst I know it's not strictly one picture I make the rules and it's a one picture collage!

One of my favourite flowers towards the end of August - how can they not make you smile!

I'm rarely the other side of the camera - but if I am, and I end up liking it (modelling a super cosy new scarf!), I reckon it's a rare enough event to make my Top 10!


And of course he had to be in it! Hello Bill! On a late October walk.

And just as we approach Christmas some wonderful satsumas!

So there you have it - my top 10 from 2016 - and I'm aleady wondering what this years will look like!