My 2017 Top 10!

So alongside my Top 10 client images from this year, I feel it's only right and proper to have a Top 10 of my personal work from 2017!

So in date order - rather than preferred order - that would have been even more difficult than getting to just 10! - here you have them.


First up from January is one of my most favourite flowers - and I always prefer them when they're at that just droopy stage.


I've always admired this wall at one of the networking venues I go to - I love the colours and the arrangements of all the different elements - it's very pleasing to my eye!


Then one from April is a shot of the wonderful fields of rape that we have all around us in the Cotswolds at this time of year - it sometimes feels like literally every field is full of the most amazing bright yellow (almost too yellow!) flowers - combine it with blue skies and fluffy white clouds and it's a winning colour combo for me!


And then who doesn't love a bit of wisteria - especially when you've two such beautiful colours together! I had serious wisteria envy (we only planted a small one a couple of years ago so is nowhere near as glorious as this!) when I spotted it on a walk around Woodstock in May.


From June you have some of my prep for a big family party that we hosted! 64 miniature blinis for the freezer, 5 for sometime soon after making and 1 final big one for my tummy right after I took the shot!


Another wall shot, however how I could resist! One of my clients had recently moved offices and they filled their reception wall with a selection of my pictures! Was quite wonderful too see and again I just love the colours and arrangement!


And next, a subject that makes it frequently into my annual Top 10, we have Sizzles! He always trots ahead on his walks but just has to double check we're following!!!


Then we Sizzles new companion Ruby! She stole my heart when they came to stay for 6 days in October so imagine she may well feature in future Top 10s!! How could I resist her snoozing in the sunshine in my office!


And another animal one!! In the 14 years we've lived here not once has there been sheep in this field!


And of course he had to make it in - by the skin of his teeth though with a mid December picture!!! Think he loved the 8 inches of snow much more than we did!!!

So there you have it - my Top 10 favourite personal images from 2017!