And another year flies by!

Is is just me or do they go even faster the older you get!!! 

Another wonderful year has come (very nearly!) to a close and what fun it's been - I do feel so very lucky with the lovely clients that have come my way this last year and the fabulous range of things I've been asked to photograph - it really has been fab!

So what have I been up to in 2017?

First up, and starting the year with a bang with the first entry into my 2017 Top 10 (golly it was super hard to get it to only 10 this year!), was my shoot with Dial A Geek down in Bristol working hard to support their IT clients in a totally non-geeky way!


Then a couple of sessions with The Bristol Steiner School capturing images for their new prospectus - being a spy on the wall was great for getting those candid moments!


Then the first of a few sessions with Nibblers - seriously yummy nibbles were on hand for me and my trusty helper! A joint 90th and 60th celebration followed and a sneak peek of Cheltenham College's new boarding house before the remodelling commenced.


A trip to Gloucester Docks was next up to see the renovation of RRS Discovery, a lovely return of the fabulous Elsa Taylor's paintings and then the most amazing beaming smile from Kerry!


Then the first of six profile shoots for WI Life - the amazing jeweller Tamara Egglestone, from Barking Hen Jewellery at work in her studio in Chippenham, a great smile from Jamie and then more yumminess from Nibblers!


Susan's lovely smile was next up and then a visit to WI's Denman College to capture some of the fabulous courses that take place there - and you don't have to be a WI member to go on them!


Stunning jewellery from The Rocks Collection followed - I love the orange swish! A different type of nibbles from Nibblers and a beautiful smile from Anna.


Next was another entry into my Top 10 with the lovely Lucy Worsley, shot for WI Life in her office at Hampton Court Palace - how perfect to have a bit of tea pouring for the WI!


Niki running her enACT meeting (with a very firm hand!) was next alongside a yummy start to the day from the new fabulous coffee shop in Cheltenham, The Find.


Julia was the third profile shoot for WI Life, alongside a wonderful beaming smile from Lisa and then a return to a regular client, The King's School in Gloucester to get portraits of their new head, David.


A couple of family shoots followed, Ju and Kaylyn in the wild garlic at Symonds Yat and Amy and Millie recreating pictures taken 10 years ago for another special birthday! Loved the new addition in the middle pic!


Laura, a WW2 reenactor was the 4th profile shoot for WI Life - such fun with the fireman and their vintage fire engine! Back to The Find for a serious coffee fix and then a fun filled workshop for The Flourish Initiative.


Another Top 10 was next with the very long legged Andrea whilst we updated shots from a couple of years ago. A very typical pose and sums her up perfectly!


The author Judy Pascoe was next for an article in Cotswold Homes, followed by the gorgeous Lisa and then Shivani in action!


I knew this would be a Top 10 as soon as I shot it! The Thorne's on a super hot and sunny day!


More amazing jewellery from the Rocks Collection followed and back again to Gloucester Docks to see the rigging from the RRS Discovery being packed up ready for it's return journey to Dundee. And then on the hottest day of the year (!) working with Fiona and her stunning home grown British flowers - thankfully they didn't wilt like we did!


A return to Wards Solicitors for the first of three sessions to update the shots of their office buildings I took five years ago - juggling my availability with blue skies and fluffy white clouds certainly was a challenge this summer! Jonathan working with one of his clients was next and then down to Nailsea School getting a range of images for their new prospectus.


The wonderful Marion with her amazing drumming was next, followed by another profile shoot for WI Life with Helen on a super windy cold day in the middle of summer!


Evergreen Computing working out complex software solutions was next, along with the final profile shoot for WI Life this year - Amanda on the top of Cleeve Hill, and the 2nd session for Wards.


A workshop with Fiona and her beautiful flowers followed and the last session for Wards - had to make the most of those clouds!


Then another of my Top 10 - the completely gorgeous Rachel - love this one of her!


A stunning home was next for the first of a few sessions with CE Architects in Winchcombe - serious house envy! And then the gorgeous Susie!


An update of portraits taken over 3 years ago was next for Diane followed by a set of profile shots for Tax Assist Accountants down at Gloucester Docks. Then a quiet spot in the waiting area at The Pink Door beauty and hair salon in Hungerford - I foolishly didn't make an appointment for after our shoot!


Yet more gorgeous jewellery from The Rocks Collection was next and then back at King's with the rugby boys getting their coaching - such fierceness!


And then I had three Top 10 back to back! The first is some of the amazing pearls from The Rocks Collection being modelled by the very stylish Gilly!


Then more jewellery from my shoot with the lovely Tamara from earlier on the year - but for her own website this time rather than WI Life! Such a beautiful day down in the woods - despite the wellies having to be worn out of shot!


Then the third Top 10 was the beautifully serene Michelle as we updated her bank of images from nearly three years ago.


Then there was a great smile from Mike and some even more serious house envy with CE Architects!


A trip to London followed to capture portraits of all the WI Trustees.  Then there was the team at Worthers for their new website and on the wettest day of the year, the lovely Rin and Liz as we updated their bank of images - thank goodness for rainbow brollies!


An then how could I not include a food shot in my Top 10! A fabulous shoot with Elegant Cusine - 3 executive chefs, 27 dishes of food and 9 impromptu ingredient shots in the space of 4 hours - I definitely needed a lie down afterwards!

Then the last, but by no means least, final entry in my Top 10 for this year - the amazing team at Hullo Creative! Another update of images taken a couple of years ago - and as alway such fun!! Love working with these guys - not just on their own images but on their clients too! Thank you Suzi and Emily!


The gorgeous Anya, Niki and Nicola followed in quick succession - such fabulous smiles from three lovely ladies!


Then getting ready for take-off, Lanley during a family shoot at Westonbirt Arboretum, a return visit to The Pink Door for some product photography and then the lovely Caroline.


And finally to finish the year there was the joy of the relationship between Nicki and her mum Pat and my final shot of house envy with CE Architects!



Hope you've enjoyed looking through these as much as I had pulling them together - a lovely way to finish the year looking back at all that I've got up to this last 12 months - it really has been a blast!

Thank you.