Towards the end of last year, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Sophie Browne from The M'Hencha Company again. Creator of the wonder that is M'Hencha, we always have a good time - and we always have a wee sneaky treat during the shoot too which is a rather nice added bonus!

During our shoot we did a bit of an update of the treat size images ready for her new website, however the focus was all about the new orange, cinnamon and date M'Hencha. Now I've always thought the original citrus, rosewater and pistachio combo couldn't be beaten - but goodness - I think I may have a new favourite! And as you can see someone else found it rather appealing too!

sophie browne mhencha
sophie browne mhencha
sophie browne mhencha
sophie browne mhencha
sophie browne mhencha

New Year's diet?

Not with this deliciousness around!!! 

I've worked with Sophie, the artisan baker of M'Hencha, on several occasions over the last few years and our latest shoot towards the end of last year was all about creating a few alternative images for how this gorgeous cake can be enjoyed. 

We had lots of fun (even the challenge of the candles provided more than a few laughs!) and now nearly every size is covered - from treat all the way through to a gorgeous five tier wedding stack.

So if you've not already tasted the delights of M'Hencha, prepare to awaken your senses with an exotic taste journey to Morocco and back. It's jam-packed full of almond frangipane, citrus zests and rosewater, all wrapped up in brick pastry topped with pistachios. A mixture of crisp crunch and gooey yumptiousness for sure! Perfect at any time of the day and my freezer always has some in it!

And if you go all the way to the bottom of this post you'll see that, as always, my wee helper just had to get in on the act!!!