My Top 10 from 2018!

So alongside my client Top 10 it’s always fun to choose a Top 10 from my own shots - and it’s just as hard I have to say!

There’s always a few without question that I know will have to be in there - however there’s then usually a bit of jostling between at least twice as many as I’ve space for with the rest!!

So after much deliberation here you have, in date order, my personal favourites from last year.

First up is the ever so gorgeous Ruby snoozing on our bedroom rug - she really is a cutie!


Then I couldn’t believe the light hitting the fields on one of our evening walks up to Upper Rissington - it was quite stunning!

Then in March we had the most unbelievable snow! So no this isn’t in the Artic - it is however on the road from Great to Upper Rissington which, in a perfect storm of conditions, got completely blocked with 8 foot plus high snow drifts!!

He may never forgive me for this however my nephew and niece had to make the cut!!

And then there was Teddy who joined us during a networking meeting - I loved the patch of light he conveniently stood in - and of course the swish of his happy tail!

And another animal - the free-range rabbit that lives next door! Makes getting out of the drive sometimes a bit challenging, however I forgave him when he posed so nicely for me!


The waves on Porthgwidden Beach in St Ives had to make it in too - the sea really was that blue and with the sand between my toes and the sun on my back it really was something special.

And you can’t beat a bit of pink blossom either to make you smile!

Then for 8 years of daily consecutive blipping I persuaded James, Bill, my sister and her family to give me 8 legs on the ground for my celebratory shot! Thankfully they’re used to my strange requests by now!

And then to finish the Top 10 it had to be a shot from Boxing Day in our new kitchen. It turned out to be a much more mammoth job than we an anticipated with it actually ending up consuming a large part of last year! However it was all completely worthwhile when we celebrated with family round the island just as intended when we designed it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as I did taking and then choosing them!