I've worked with Keri a few times on images for her business, so I was delighted when she got in touch early last year to ask if I could help with a special family photo shoot.

As there's now many miles separating them, her and her siblings are rarely all together - however the next time was going to be in March!  And they have a favourite family picture, taken many years ago, that they were keen to recreate - albeit now with a few additions!

So on a rather chilly Saturday morning we headed off to Pittville Pump Rooms in Cheltenham to see what we could do!

Lots of laughs and lots of cold noses! - though I'm reliably assured they all warmed up with hot drinks (in the pub!) afterwards!

And we got a great set of images to add to the family memory bank - as Keri said when she saw the images for the first time, "we absolutely LOVE THESE!!".