Well after a rather extended period of rain, rain and more rain (and yet more rain!) I felt a little sunshine and laughter was the perfect antidote to remind us that the sun really does shine in this country!

And we had so much fun shooting this last summer!

Taking advantage of a girlie weekend away, the dad of the family especially commissioned a family portrait session so that on her birthday (and a rather special one at that!), the mum received some fabulous wall art of her gorgeous family. What a thoughtful man!

We shot a few portraits at their home and then headed out to play with some helium balloons -  and the wind certainly provided us with lots of adventures!

Perhaps a few more images than I normally include in a blog post - however it was hard enough whittling them down to these ones! They're quite simply a lovely family and it was a complete pleasure to spend the time with them - I even got hugs at the end!