My Top 10!

So this blog post featured my Top 10 images from 2015 which I'd shot for my clients - so how about sharing my Top 10 personal images! And just like I found with my clients images this was incredibly hard to get down to 10!


Here's my grandparents on their wedding day in August 1942 that I shot in March. Love this of them.

Another March one - and a rather grumpy fish - though they always look like this!

Bill bounding through the rape fields on one of our many walks in April - I've now got this one up on my office wall and I love looking at it every day!

Still April (the rape is a bit of a giveaway!) and driving back from Winchcombe one day - I just had to stop!

Month five of the year and the five live stages of a chive! To celebrate 5 years of daily blipping!

In August at my friend's house - she knows all about my daily blips so wasn't at all surprised when I asked if I could take a picture - and removed a few bits of paperwork from the window sill too!


Still some lovely flowers out in September - pretty in pink!

4th October - a year after my Daddy died - scattering his ashes at the top of Kinnoull Hill in Perth - what a view of the beautiful River Tay far below.

Okay not strictly one picture I know - but a collage of iPhone pics I did whilst we were holidaying in France celebrating our anniversary at the end of October - just love the combination!

And to end the year an out-take from our annual Christmas card shoot in November! Don't you just love him!