A day at Denman

I'd never heard of Denman College, the WI's centre of learning in Marcham near Oxford, until the other month - and wow!!! - I wish I'd know about it earlier - what a beautiful place with some fabulous courses being offered - and it's not just for WI members!

The team at WI HQ are launching a new members site, My WI, this summer and were looking for updated imagery to showcase the range of cookery, craft and lifestyle courses that Denman has to offer - and so a jam packed day was picked and off I went to capture the fun that all the ladies were having!

From baking, to beaded jewellery making, to goldwork (embroidering with metal threads for those that don't know - which was me before I saw it happening!), to needle felted penguins, to hand dyed silk scarves, to silver clay jewellery making - it was all going on! And it was all so fascinating I had to keep on reminding myself that I was there to take photos and not to learn how to hand dye a silk scarf!!

And fun - lots of it! - they certainly did have! As Rosie, the online content editor said "the pictures are fantastic - there are some fab expressions from the members!".

Here's some of my favourites! - and absolutely I left with a course brochure!!