Shaping up nicely ...

When I was trying to find suitable venues (and bumps!) for the Mums2B shoot last year, the very lovely Lucy Davis from Windrush Fitness kindly stepped in to help with the fitness studio images we were looking to capture.  Even better, she actually ran a mini class for us to make sure the images were even more authentic!

And she must have liked the end result as she then commissioned me to work with her to refresh her marketing images! 

Windrush Fitness offer a great range of classes - Callanetics, Cardio-callanetics, Piloxing and Kettlercise - at various venues in Bourton-on-the-Water, Chipping Campden and Moreton-in-Marsh - and Lucy wanted to showcase the different elements of these and also get some good portraits of herself and her fellow instructor Nellie.

So early one Saturday, along with a few willing volunteers, we had a fun morning putting everyone through their paces!

First up was Callanetics - a surprisingly intense form of exercise that involves small pulsing movement with deep muscle isolation and stretching ....

callanetics class with Windrush Fitness

Then we had Piloxing - pilates, boxing and dance all rolled into one! ... 

piloxing class at Windrush Fitness

Definitely a class that Nellie enjoys teaching - as soon as she put those gloves on her eyes completely lit up! 

nellie an instructor at windrush fitness

Then, last but by no means least, we had Kettlercise - working with kettlebells it combines cardiovascular conditioning with fat loss and strength training. 

kettlercise class with windrush fitness

Exhausting work! But in true fitness trainer style Lucy still looked as fresh as a daisy in her portraits! 

Lucy Davis from Windrush Fitness

Even better I've been doing Callanetics with Lucy every week since the shoot and am loving it! It leaves my legs feeling like jelly - but in a good way if that makes sense! And kettlercise is coming to my gym next month so I'll be there for that one too!