Finding the right words

If you struggle with this then the lovely Rin is someone you should definitely speak to - freelance journalist, writer and copywriter she's got all areas of wordy things covered! (No pressure on me with my words here then!!!).

We've known each other for a wee while now, with her very kindly referring several clients to me, as well as giving me the absolute pleasure of photographing her "bump" of her gorgeous twin girls, so when she got in touch to say she was re-branding her business and wanted my help I was delighted to do so!

Rin wanted a really good bank of images that she could use across her website and social media as well as the regular blogs and newsletters that she does - lots of variety was the name of the game! So alongside a range of different portraits we made sure we got pictures of her working in various settings and then lots of still life typography images.

And I love how she's used them all across her website - a killer combo of great words (goes without saying!), fabulous design from Hullo Creative and loads of images that really tell the story of who she is and what she's all about. As Rin said "they've really brought my website to life."

Here's a few of my favourites from our time together.