A lovely bunch of geeks!

That's that the team at Dial a Geek are!

Looking after all sorts of businesses with their IT challenges, they were wanting a great range of images that would really show people what they're all about and that they could use across their website, blogs, social media and other brand collateral. So we hatched a plan and I headed into Bristol at the start of this year!

There was a lot on the shoot list for our three hours together - portraits of the team, working in the office, the office itself and then out and about whilst they worked with their clients - so a full session! - however we covered it all and had a lot of fun along the way!

And as Jennifer, Marketing Geek, says:

"As a small business, we know how important it is to show our customers the real us, but we can't invite every single client into our office for a cup of tea. So last month we did the next best thing, we hired Jenny Stewart! In each fabulous photo she managed to capture exactly what makes Dial a Geek special: the smiles, the concentration, the team! To anyone considering photography for their business, please give Jenny a call! I trust her completely, and you should too."

Thank you Jennifer!