Voices of angels

And that's definitely what the choristers at The King's School sound like! Though they didn't necessarily didn't act like them as we tried to get what probably ended up being my most favourite image from the time I've worked with the school!

My first shoot with King's was back in September 2014, followed by several sessions each year, creating a really good bank of images for their new prospectus and website - however it was only when I was back last month, getting portraits of the new headmaster due to start in September, I realised I'd never shared any images in a blog!

So here we go - though trying to pick just a few from the huge number that we've taken was a bit of a challenge - there's many more I could have included - so these are some of my absolute favourites!

And here's what the school say about them - "We have used Jenny several times for photography for our marketing material. Jenny’s style of photography is beautiful; her use of colour and light is stunning. We would unreservedly recommend Jenny to anyone looking for really unique photographs."

Plus interesting (well interesting to me!) fact - my uncle used to be Head Boy there many years ago!