Best eggs ever ... fact!

If you haven't tried an Arlington White egg from Cacklebean you've been denying your tastebuds something really quite delicious!

Several flocks of free range hens are looked after by Paddy and Steph on Cackleberry Farm just out of Stow-on-the-Wold, with the most amazing pure white eggs with bright orange yolks being laid. And of course they taste amazing!

They'd recently rebranded and were looking for a range of images they could use across their promotional material and social media - and I was delighted when they asked me to work with them over several occasions capturing all aspects of life on the farm.

Well I was delighted at the wonderful story that was waiting to be told and the prospect of perhaps taking home some of the fruits of their labour - less so delighted when I realised how elusive chickens can be!!! Despite there being hundreds of them they scatter the minute you get anywhere near them! Patience, and a long lens, were definitely required!!

Lots of fun was had - including getting their daughter, Sybbie involved - oh how she loves the chickens and the eggs! And I love what Tash from Culpepper has done with the business card flyer they're using to promote their business. It looks amazing and a wonderful way to showcase their brand.

And yes I did manage to take home some eggs.

And as expected they were quite delicious!