Hanging around College!

I was thrilled when I got the call from Cheltenham College Marketing Department asking if I'd like to come in and discuss some new imagery with them - not only did my husband go there (many years ago!) but I used to live just down the road from them and passed it virtually daily for several years!

Ali and her team were looking for updated images that they could use across all their marketing material - so we sat down and hatched a plan! Virtually aspects of college life - from kindergarten to sixth form, from classes to boarding life, from art to music to sport - were to be captured so that they'd have an extensive bank of images to pick and choose from.

We started off with two full (very full!) days in September last year and then filled the gaps with a some more shorter sessions over the following few months. And as we move into Spring this year there's a few more gaps to fill!  It was a wonderful experience to shoot there and it was really tough to choose just a few - well perhaps more than a few! - to share here!