Blue skies and fluffy white clouds

I was back at a regular client of mine, Broadway Financial Planning, the other week photographing their newest team member Jamie - and afterwards realised I'd neglected to blog any of the other times I've worked with them! So here I am putting that to rights!

We've covered all sorts over the last couple of years - portraits, them working, their office and gardens, typical Cotswold scenes and animals, alongside Snowshill Lavender and Broadway Tower - a key part of their branding. Plus a family shoot which will be in another blog post at some point soon! Though who could have imagined a stationary tower and some lavender could prove to be so challenging!

Is it dry? Do we have sunshine? What about blue skies? Fluffy white clouds? Is the lavender at it's best and the most purple it's going to get? And am I free??!!!

First attempt ticked all the boxes - but of course beautiful weather like that generally means people. Lots of them. In fact way too many of them to get the type of shots we wanted! They were everywhere!

Take two proved a lot more successful on the people front and I couldn't have asked for the clouds to be more perfectly positioned when I got to Broadway Tower! And thankfully it all came together just in time before the lavender was all harvested!!! A day later and all those beautiful purple fields had disappeared!!