My Top 10 from 2018!

So alongside my client Top 10 it’s always fun to choose a Top 10 from my own shots - and it’s just as hard I have to say!

There’s always a few without question that I know will have to be in there - however there’s then usually a bit of jostling between at least twice as many as I’ve space for with the rest!!

So after much deliberation here you have, in date order, my personal favourites from last year.

First up is the ever so gorgeous Ruby snoozing on our bedroom rug - she really is a cutie!


Then I couldn’t believe the light hitting the fields on one of our evening walks up to Upper Rissington - it was quite stunning!

Then in March we had the most unbelievable snow! So no this isn’t in the Artic - it is however on the road from Great to Upper Rissington which, in a perfect storm of conditions, got completely blocked with 8 foot plus high snow drifts!!

He may never forgive me for this however my nephew and niece had to make the cut!!

And then there was Teddy who joined us during a networking meeting - I loved the patch of light he conveniently stood in - and of course the swish of his happy tail!

And another animal - the free-range rabbit that lives next door! Makes getting out of the drive sometimes a bit challenging, however I forgave him when he posed so nicely for me!


The waves on Porthgwidden Beach in St Ives had to make it in too - the sea really was that blue and with the sand between my toes and the sun on my back it really was something special.

And you can’t beat a bit of pink blossom either to make you smile!

Then for 8 years of daily consecutive blipping I persuaded James, Bill, my sister and her family to give me 8 legs on the ground for my celebratory shot! Thankfully they’re used to my strange requests by now!

And then to finish the Top 10 it had to be a shot from Boxing Day in our new kitchen. It turned out to be a much more mammoth job than we an anticipated with it actually ending up consuming a large part of last year! However it was all completely worthwhile when we celebrated with family round the island just as intended when we designed it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as I did taking and then choosing them!



Golly what a year!

Well better late than never that I actually put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard!) and share all that I got up to in 2018!

And what year it was! A record number of shoots for me and another fabulous bunch of people - it really was a blast!

Thank you to everyone that I had the pleasure of working with - you really are the best!

So kicking off the 2018 run down, we have the awesome Fidel “Bad News” Beauhill - what a smile! Then back to Worthers to get their new signage outside their barn followed by the fabulous Ann-See and Mr Kim - with more amazing smiles!


Then a trio of gorgeous ladies - the fabulous Lynne (updating her shots from two years ago), Teresa and Yvonne - ! was beginning to get a bit spoilt with all these smiles!


Then the first entry into my Top 10 - Jim Hamilton for a feature in Cotswold Homes - not actually the one that made the magazine however my personal favourite instead!


Then we had the lovely Jacqui followed by Fidel popping up again alongside Helen and Philippa at Trailblazing Women held at Ashton Gate Stadium celebrating Vote 100. A completely inspiring afternoon!


My first portrait for WI Life followed - Vicki down on the Jurassic Coast at Durdle Door in the most glorious sunshine - though golly the wind! Another portrait for Cotswold Homes was next with me visiting Kim Bailey at his training yard at Thorndale Farm.


A visit to the fabulous co-working space at Unicorn House in Cirencester was next - what a stunning building with a feast for the eyes in every corner! Then the gorgeous Liz with yet another beautiful smile for me!


A couple of shoots with Sam Waterhouse from Bristol Cookhouse followed capturing portraits and not surprisingly some food - though someone (naming no names!) was very cheeky after this shot was taken!!!


An old favourite was next on the schedule - back to The King’s School Gloucester getting more shots for them, including portraits of the Junior School Head Anne. Then a dash down to Frome for another WI Life shoot with the lovely Laura. Michelle’s treatment rooms followed - such a wonderfully calming space I almost didn’t want to leave!


My local pub The Lamb Inn, had done a spot of refurbishing so a shoot closer to home was next! How nice to be able to walk to that shoot! Followed by another visit to Elegant Cuisine down in Kings Bagpuize during their wedding fayre - how could I resist all their beautiful plates. And then there was the fabulous potter Karen from Buttons and Clay - she even let me have a go on the wheel at the end of our shoot - though I won’t show you my attempt!!


Clean Bees from Bristol proved to me that cleaning can be fun and I loved returning to Hayes Parsons getting some updated staff portraits for them.

It was then a complete joy to work with the lovely Fiona from Designed to Sparkle again. Nearly four years had passed since our first shoot together and it was great to see how her beautiful jewellery has developed in that time - almost made me want to get married again! To the same person of course though!

Then there was the gorgeous Melissa and a second visit to Unicorn House.


My first garden shoot for WI Life was next up - thankfully a mist filled morning made way to the most beautiful afternoon! And then there was a visit to the North Cotswolds Gymnastics and Trampolining Academy with some seriously impressive moves taking place!


Fir Farm gave me my next Top 10 entry - though I was less than impressed with the behind the scenes shot that made it onto Instagram as I’m lying face down in the grass with my bum in the air!


Then my fourth time of working with Rin Hamburgh gave me another Top 10! It’s been wonderful seeing how her business has grown over the years - though I really would like our next shoot to be dry pretty please!

Working with Vicki Gray from BluMango Creative proved to be a fabulously creative (not surprisingly!) shoot. And then I was blown away by Amy Box and The Business Choir - what a genius concept - networking and singing! More rain followed with my first crafting shoot for WI Life with Paula from The Crafty Lass - a bit challenging when the brief was al fresco dining however I do like a challenge! And we made the cover too!!

I then paid a visit to Broadway Financial Planning at their new offices on the Farncombe Estate - and I loved seeing some of my images from my first shoot with them adorning their reception wall! Petra and her family followed on a baking hot Sunday - right at the start of that amazing summer we had!

Then the Romans from The King’s School absolutely had to make my Top 10 - though they were all laughing so much they weren’t really that scary - until they nearly landed on top of me!


A return to another favourite followed with Dial A Geek down in Bristol, then there was Tempest Forensic Accounting also in Bristol and back again to The King’s School to get shots of their new head of Little King’s Laura.


Then some more lovely ladies! Louise (nearly four years after her first set of portraits!) and Jane followed by the private chef Kate Pennell congratulating one of her brides - I’m sure it was congratulating her on her marriage, though it was so hot it could have been for just making it to that point in the day without collapsing!


Another garden shoot for WI Life followed at Alison’s house - however after so many weeks of amazing sunshine all the grass was completely scorched so we had another challenge on our hands! Serious house envy came next with a return to seeing more of CE Architecture’s stunning designs.


Brother and sister team of Bradley and Rachel from Avanti Hygiene followed and then I was back to The Cotswold School getting some updated shots for their prospectus.


Then there was a definite entry into my Top 10 when I went back to Paula’s studio to get portrait shots of her for WI Life, rather than her crafty projects. Such an amazing space she has and we were both so thrilled to get a cover shot for the 2nd time!


Then there was Trula from Sherbornes, the pink haired, ballerina in her spare time, employment lawyer! Chilling out at Spa on the Square in Moreton on the Marsh was next up - I definitely wanted to have a pamper there myself!

Another shoot for WI Life followed and I was back to the plot that Bath WI have at the Botanical Gardens virtually three years to the day since I was last there. And after weeks of sunshine we had our work cut out for us dodging the showers! Then more crafty-ness followed with Kathryn King Designs - and yes one of her beaded leather wrap bracelets did have to make it’s way home with me!

A follow up session with Ann-See and Mr Kim was next where we had a fabulous time wandering around Barnsley House getting another set of portraits for them. And this one definitely had to make my Top 10!


Then lots of fun was had recreating a photo that I’d taken 6 years ago. There was one addition to the original line up however everyone else - including the dog - faithfully replicated their poses! A great smile from Mick then followed and some serious yummy food at The Bristol Cookhouse.


Then a quick trip up the road to Blockley Cafe and my first session with them - what a hidden gem! Slightly further afield and I found myself down in Totnes shooting the lovey Lynnie for another WI Life article. And then a wee bit closer to home there was Kerry and some more beautiful smiles!


Next up had to be a Top 10 entry - some of the gorgeous food from Blockley Cafe during our second session - yum scrum!!!


Off down to the woods with Rachel from Brand New Story recreating Jack and the Beanstalk (whilst I lay in nettles!) followed. And then back to Fir Farm to showcase all their amazing cuts of beef, pork and lamb - with my tripod balancing on bags of dog food and me half way up a ladder!


Telford was next working with the Christian organisation ReSource then off down to Bristol photographing Kirstie and the rest of the team at the HR Dept.


The gorgeous Esther was next and she absolutely had to make my Top 10! Such a cracking smile!


Back to The Cotswold School right at the start of the new term and I had my usual fun in the Art Department. And then there was yet more house envy during another session with CE Architects!


A two day wedding celebration followed - such beautiful services on both days - though none of us could believe the wind on day one and the rain on day two!!!


The gorgeous Jenny and Becky were next - with yet more beautiful smiles - and lots of outfit changes! Becky’s studio was like a bomb site by the time we’d finished!

And then there was yet more smiles from the lovely June and another session for ReSource down in Torquay during one of weekend courses.


Stephen was next getting shots for both his businesses - reflexology and Menomagic - a natural product providing relief from hot flushes - some of that definitely came home with me! And I also made sure I booked in for some reflexology too!


It was lovely to work with Karen again getting some updated portraits - two and a half years later and she decided it was time for a refresh! A coaching session with Jane followed - such expressive hands! And back to The King’s School for our final session of the year.

A family shoot on a freezing cold Saturday had to be followed with some serious hot chocolate in a local cafe! Then there was a return visit to Cheltenham College having last shot there two years ago. And thankfully we then timed the tides right down on the banks of the Thames whilst Ania did some coaching with her client.


Another visit to Unicorn House was next and then there was Monica and her family visiting Bourton on the Water from the States. Legs eleven was next with the 1ST XV from Cheltenham College!


And then I ended the year with two Top 10 entries which necessitated a last minute juggling of my choices! The gorgeous Biscuit during his owner’s yoga shoot - so more an outtake really - had to make it in.


And the final Top 10 entry was some stunning canapés from the talented Kate Pennell - quite delicious and a wonderful way to the end the most incredible year!!

Thank you everyone!



My 2017 Top 10!

So alongside my Top 10 client images from this year, I feel it's only right and proper to have a Top 10 of my personal work from 2017!

So in date order - rather than preferred order - that would have been even more difficult than getting to just 10! - here you have them.


First up from January is one of my most favourite flowers - and I always prefer them when they're at that just droopy stage.


I've always admired this wall at one of the networking venues I go to - I love the colours and the arrangements of all the different elements - it's very pleasing to my eye!


Then one from April is a shot of the wonderful fields of rape that we have all around us in the Cotswolds at this time of year - it sometimes feels like literally every field is full of the most amazing bright yellow (almost too yellow!) flowers - combine it with blue skies and fluffy white clouds and it's a winning colour combo for me!


And then who doesn't love a bit of wisteria - especially when you've two such beautiful colours together! I had serious wisteria envy (we only planted a small one a couple of years ago so is nowhere near as glorious as this!) when I spotted it on a walk around Woodstock in May.


From June you have some of my prep for a big family party that we hosted! 64 miniature blinis for the freezer, 5 for sometime soon after making and 1 final big one for my tummy right after I took the shot!


Another wall shot, however how I could resist! One of my clients had recently moved offices and they filled their reception wall with a selection of my pictures! Was quite wonderful too see and again I just love the colours and arrangement!


And next, a subject that makes it frequently into my annual Top 10, we have Sizzles! He always trots ahead on his walks but just has to double check we're following!!!


Then we Sizzles new companion Ruby! She stole my heart when they came to stay for 6 days in October so imagine she may well feature in future Top 10s!! How could I resist her snoozing in the sunshine in my office!


And another animal one!! In the 14 years we've lived here not once has there been sheep in this field!


And of course he had to make it in - by the skin of his teeth though with a mid December picture!!! Think he loved the 8 inches of snow much more than we did!!!

So there you have it - my Top 10 favourite personal images from 2017!