collage of portrait images of Jenny Stewart Gloucestershire photographer and her border terrier dog Bill

I often talk about capturing the real face behind a business - or, in my case, behind the camera! Well, here’s mine. I’m Jenny Stewart, ably assisted by my utterly adorable Border Terrier, Bill.

Photographs are my life. If I leave the house without a camera, it feels like part of me is missing. It wasn’t always that way. I existed in corporate life for 18 years before digital photography found me. Once that creative new world opened up before my eyes, I never looked back.

Discovering Blipfoto – a daily photo blog – in 2010 changed everything. The challenge of taking 365 consecutive ‘blips’ of beautiful images made me realise photography was rooted in my heart. I still ‘blip’ to this day...

What was even more unexpected was the stir my photography caused! When countless people approached me to take photos for their website, or family portraits, I knew it was time to take the plunge: to be a freelance photographer. And here I am.


image of border terrier dog Bill

Every picture tells a story

Photographs have always been part of me. I’ve boxes of images frayed round the edges, full of fleeting moments captured forever. I’d never part with them. To me, that’s what a photograph is. It records a moment in time - and leaves a lasting impression.

Today, with a thriving photography business in the heart of Gloucestershire, I’m doing what I love: spending time with fab people and enjoying their reactions to each photograph I create. What a privilege.

The hugs, the tears, the beautiful stillness when someone is overcome with emotion. That’s why I do it. And can’t imagine anything better... As to how I capture a subject’s magic, whether food products, animals or portraits, do read what some lovely clients have said.

Before you explore the rest of the site, please stop by my portfolio. You’ll spot my wee dog, Bill - in the animal collection. He’s the perfect subject, whether wearing a birthday hat or celebrating his special day with a cupcake!